the Goddesses

Pictures of the Goddess energies including images from venus transits or auroras, signatures and contemplations. Contact the author to find out how to use the signatures and to do the dance of the goddess.

Friday, September 30, 2005

These Goddess Mysteries

Here you will find, for each goddess, an aurora or Moon_venus transit picture . These are to give you an idea of the quality of the energies of these gracious beings, and how they are manifesting.

The Heart Contemplation is used as an aid while doing the goddess dance and as prayers to awaken to their secrets. Ask for their secrets.

The signatures are powerful ways used to experience the goddesses via dance, akin to the sigils of the old days.

There is more about signatures at

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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Goddess Ana - goddess of the DNA


angel signature

Goddess Ana

Heart contemplation
I fly in the face of the night.
I enter into the womb.
I give danger, & deserts.
My name is on all lips,
& then I am in the midst.
I am Ana , measurer.
Ask her to reveal to you a secret

Goddess Shekinah - Goddess of Illumination

Goddess Shekinah

Heart contemplation

I am the fragrance & the flower.
I am the warmth & the spendour.
I am the stars & their light
I am within life.
Enter me if you will.

Ask her to reveal a secret to you

Goddess Brigit - Goddess of Light

Goddess Brigid

Heart contemplation
I come into light.
I am light.
Light is all around me.
I see the world through eyes of gold.
I see gold through eyes of love.
I see the light.
I see earth.
Come unto me, you who must journey.

Ask her to reveal a secret to you

Goddess Maat - Goddess of Justice and World Order

Goddess Maat

Heart contemplation
A wonder appears.
7 wonders appear.
I am the grace,of place.
I am the fire that changes,
all lights.
I am moved to begin.
I am reshaped to fit in
Then I divide.
I am Maat.

Ask her to reveal a secret to you

Goddess Aphrodite -Goddess of Love

Goddess Aphrodite

Heart contemplation
The river flows on.
Water falls & falls.
The curse is refused & refuted.
I am dumb.

Love is a plenty.
Wisdom & richness.
A rainbow comes.

Ask her to reveal a secret to you

Goddess Tara - Goddess of Mercy

Goddess Tara

Heart contemplation
I bless the way of all flesh.
I begin & banter
I soften & soothe
I am foremost & beauty
I am released.

Ask her to reveal a secret to you

Goddess Sophia - Goddess of Wisdom

Goddess Sophia

Heart contemplation
I am around & around;
I am up & down
I am knowledge; I am wisdom.
I am the fruits, of labour.
I am in the trials & tribulations.
I am in music as notes
I am alive in the earth
& in the night sky.
Look for me in the rejoinder

Friday, September 02, 2005

Demeter- Goddess of Abundance and Harvest

Goddess Demeter

Heart contemplation
I am the plaything.
I follow you in delay

We are the wonder lights before you,
mystic encounters.

I rise, & rise, & rise, 3 times
before I appear & disappear.

My heart has no mercy.
Repent & be freed.

Ask her to reveal a secret to you.

Aya - Goddess of the Sun

Goddess Aya

Heart contemplation
Many scintillations of light –magic
are harnessed by the Sun –shower.
I forbid you to cross the threshold,
without offering.
I emblazon upon you the Welcome
(of all Ages & lovers).
I am dedicated
to the embrace (of death)
& upliftment(of evil).
I am Ripening.
I am the secret behind naming.